Can I submit my application online?

  • We previously accepted online applications but no longer do so. We cannot process an application until ALL supporting documents are received including rent receipts, ID cards, pay stubs, etc. We found that many online applicants failed to provide all of the required supporting information, slowing down the application process for everyone. Can email application and required documents to info@ggbproperties.com.

  Can I submit a 3rd party application?

  • We can only accept GGB Properties applications and we process our own credit checks. We do not accept 3rd party applications or credit checks, regardless of the source.

Do you accept Co-signors?

  • Co-signors will be considered only for situations in which an applicant has insufficient rental or credit history. Co-signors will not be allowed to compensate for poor credit. Any co-signors will be required to complete the application process and pay the $35 application fee.

Can I pay the application fee online?

How do I pay the move-in funds?

  • With cashier’s check or money order. After your 1st month’s rent has been paid, the following months can be paid with a personal check or sign up for automatic electronic rent payments.

Do you accept Online Payments?

  • GGB Properties accepts rental payments online. Can pay with credit card or auto draft. No more late fees, no possibility of lost in the mail rent payments. Have till the 7th of each month to have rent paid automatically. 2.95% Transaction fee per amount if paying with Debit/Credit Card. 

Why should I sign up for Automatic Electronic Payments?

  • Have rent drafted up to the 7th day of the month,  4 extra days to pay your rent.
  • No more late fees, lost in mail, forgot to send in the mail on time!
  • $25 one time discount if signed up for 3 “recurring” monthly auto payments.
  • Can cancel this service at any time – You are in control.

How do I sign up for Automatic Electronic Rent Payments?

What number do I call to update/change the monthly Automatic Electronic Rent Payments?

  • 1-844-530-5785

DirecTV Options?

  • Most of GGB Properties are prewired for DirecTV service and uses a centralized dish for service to all units – DirecTV service is available without installing your own dish. Just call their MDU sales line to sign up and get the same great deals they offer all new customers. No dish installation necessary! Just check the listing to see if this is offered at the building you are interested in.

Who to call to set up Utilities at Move In?

Where can I drop off my rent payment in person? 

  • Shore Business Center, 5318 2nd St, Long Beach Ca 90803
  • Updated Hours for Drop Off: Monday-Friday 9:30AM-5:30PM / Saturday 10:00AM-4:00PM / Sunday closed

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